inoiTECH services is a suite of smart function. We offers solutions spanning a wide range of industries to help enterprises and service providers achieve success in the digital economy.
IT Infrastructure Outsourcing
When going through an IT infrastructure audit, you will be able to identify pieces of underutilized data center equipment. Once doing so, you will be able to decide what can be repurposed or retired depending on the need. You will receive a plan for efficiency improvement and reduction in system operating costs.
IT infrastructure audit
Designing is the key stage of creation of any IT infrastructure or IT system. Companies planning implementation of complex infrastructure IT solutions and software systems shall pay special attention to this stage and to choice of contractor.
IT System and Infrastructure Designing
The enterprise information system analysis, detection of the most reasonable development trend: IT strategy development;
development of target corporate information system concept;
support of the option and development of future corporate information system;
creation of competency centers.
IT Consulting
inoiTECH offers its customers a comprehensive range of services related to system integration. Our solutions are aimed at the needs of large and middle-sized companies from different economic sectors in information technologies.
and Integration
Along with after-sales service, inoiTECH offers a range of services on technical support:
basic technical support;
advanced technical support;
Basic criteria of the mentioned technical support programs can be chosen individually for each business client.
Basic and Advanced Technical Support
inoiTECH offers full range of services on technical support of IT infrastructure and outsourcing of IT service for large and geographically distributed organisations. Our portfolio is intended to cover all processes of support and operation of IT systems allowing you to focus on achievement of the company business objectives.
Service and Outsourcing
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UI/UX Design
Through thoughtful design, we create delightful digital experiences that make life simpler and more enjoyable.
UX Audit
UX Audit helps improve your product. Our experts will put your idea on the right track and create a competitive product.
Business Analysis & Research
Discover industry-specific insights, the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors’ products...
UX/UI Design
Elegant, responsive design that speaks your brand’s language and delivers on your goals.
UX Audit
Business Analysis & Research
UX/UI Design
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