Backup – is copying and archiving data in order to prevent its loss from main server. Nowadays, data is a lifeblood of any business – big or small. Hardware fails, people make mistakes – you can’t be 100% protected. Even if you bought an insurance, it will not bring you data back. Only backup protects your data from irrevocable loss.
It all leads to main conclusion: backup means incessancy of your business. Our specialists also can assist you in creating your own Disaster Recovery Plan.

We provide you with full backup solution on our servers.
Classic backup from server to the distant storage presumes risk of disclosure and, thus, possible attacks to destroy or steal data. We provide ready-made backup servers, which initiate secure data upload from your server. In this case, no traces of configuration files left on your server, which significantly increases protection of your backup.
Backup server itself is VDS or Dedicated server with built-in security and routers.

You can choose from the list of protocols for your backup:

  • CIFS (via Samba)
  • TFTP
  • FTP
  • NFS
  • SSH
  • Rsync
  • AFP
  • iSCSI