Virtual Private Server

With our Virtual Private Server, you don’t need to manage the physical infrastructure lifecycle anymore. Our VPS solution offers flexibility for your growth and easy scalability without long-term investments. Benefit from simplicity with single-click access to powerful computing resources from enterprise hardware. Delivered to you within minutes, our VPS packages offer global data centers with redundant design and expert 24/7 customer care making it a perfect hosting platform.

  • High performance and wide choice of VPS
  • Cost-effective and secure hosting option
  • Increase storage capacity without upgrading VPS package

Completely Customizable
Choose your package size, data center location, backup software, operating systems and control panels, bandwidth, and contract parameters (including SLAs, contract terms, and billing terms).

Low Maintenance
inoiTech manages the physical server hardware and infrastructure so you don’t have to. Leave the hassle to us and focus on delivering products and services to your customers, eliminating time-to-market delays.

State-of-the-Art Network
All virtual private servers are connected to our state of the art network, offering full redundancy on all routers. This network uses multiple Tier1 transit providers in addition to private and public peering. Data traffic packages come free of charge, with volume based on the VPS you select.

Accessible Customer Portal
Control every aspect of your virtual private servers in the inoiTech Customer Portal, including server management, viewing network data traffic graphs and reports, SLA upgrades, free basic firewall configuration, software control panel installation, and data traffic notification setups.

Firewall Filtering
inoiTech provides a free Basic Firewall for all virtual private servers. The firewall is a network-based service on our hypervisor that provides TCP, UDP and ICMP traffic blocking. When on, the firewall blocks all traffic that is not explicitly permitted by a defined firewall rule.

DDoS Protection
Standard DDoS protection is included with every VPS. Our service uses globally located detectors to protect your servers from volumetric and protocol-based DDoS attacks, mitigating malicious traffic and forwarding clean traffic with little to no impact on the end user.

Infrastructure Monitoring
inoiTech Monitoring is a free add-on that gives you unprecedented insight into your infrastructure. Choose to be notified when failing checks occur to spend less time on unexpected interruptions and more time on growing your business.

Powerful APIs
Our Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) enable you to control every VPS you have at inoiTech. Using these APIs, you are able to list your virtual private servers, retrieve information, power on and off, reboot, reinstall, and retrieve administrative information.

SSD Storage
inoiTech VPS solutions are built on state-of-the-art all-flash SSD storage disks, a high-performing storage solution. Enjoy reduced latency and increased reliability for all of your business-critical cloud applications.