Blixem Boats
Branding, Website, SMM
BLIXEM BOATS is the first boat brand in the world to combine elegant dutch style, 0% environmental impact, functionality and technology. Inspired by the classic styling of the vintage dutch sloop. Designed and crafted in the Netherlands.

I created a brand identity, a website and social media marketing strategy that would help redefine a maritime industry and let the world know that Blixem Boats people genially care about environment and our planet by producing the most sustainable and user-friendly electric boats .
Website purpose is to present the brand new electric boat design object via descriptions and visual details providing users with the link to buy button. Thus, main page is in charge of attracting users and informing them about the product.
Minimalistic design full of air makes visual accents noticeable and engaging while general layout presents the actual direction of company services.
How To Promote An Electric Dutch Boat On Social Media.
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Managing of social networks: full cycle production, copywriting, community management. Special project: creative photography with the help of an iPhone.

Creating effective but a simple yet and full of allusions to boating style. Cold blue and a variety of surreal on the canals of Amsterdam plots. Every detai of the boat I reflected in the account - showed the interior, exterior, crew, the state of skiing on the Dutch canals in winter, spring, summer and autumn.

To promote the account, I launched advertising campaigns. Developed a concept that reflects brand values. It turned out stylish!